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Academic papers

Here are some of my published academic writings. Right-click and save.

After Behaviourism, Navigationism?

This is a paper from Irish Educational Studies, which attacks the over-use of behaviourist techniques in education. It is a bit polemical, but I hope you enjoy it.

Download After behaviourism, navigationism.pdf

Radioactive Nuns

This is one of my first philosophical writings and is from a metaphysics conference in Maynooth, Ireland.

Download RadNuns - April 2003 final draft.doc

A Stranger in a Strange Land

A conference paper I gave in Prague, Czech Republic. I talk about language acquisition by ostension (pointing) and how this works in cyberspace.

Download Sean Moran 2008 Prague paper final.doc

The Virtuous Teacher

A conference paper from Metropolitan University Prague. I discuss what it means to be a virtuous language teacher.

Download Virtuous teachers and quality learning final version Sean Moran.doc

Socrates the Intellectual Midwife

This is an article about Socrates, who claimed to be a midwife for knowledge. Where else would it appear but in a journal for midwives?

Download BIRTHWISEgivingbirthnewsletter[1].pdf

Greek Conceptions of Virtue

Here's a talk I gave to the Irish classical Association about the ancient Greeks' conceptions of virtue.

Download Greek conceptions of virtue by Sean Moran.doc

Lexical Luminosities

Here's a paper I gave at the Metropolitan University, Prague at a conference called 'Lingua Terminologica'. The abstract is in Czech, as is the punctuation.

Download Pages from 2010_CD_LINGUA+TERMINOLOGICA.pdf

Virtue Epistemology and Education

Final version of my (successful) PhD Thesis - Virtue Epistemology: Some Implications for Education

Download PhD Sean FINALL 2011.docx